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WHAT YOU NEED for life and business


SailOnGlobe was established in 2020 with passionate specialists to introduce quality Korean products to the world.


We are a exporter, a trading company, and

a marketing & branding company.


Our mission is to become a strong bridge between

overseas customers and Korean manufacturers.


Our core value is the customer & supplier satisfaction

with “QUALITY”.

SailOnGlobe is exploring a variety of markets, products, and manufacturers, and choose valuable products which make better life and business and supplies them to customers.

We are going beyond the typical trading practice and spreads around the world with its own sail to SAIL ON GLOBE.

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our services


Our Trading process is based on customer

driven services by providing products that are verified and inspected.

Most of the products for trading are purchased by SailOnGlobe and delivered to the customers according to customers' requirements.


  •  Food 

  •  Machinery and Equipment

  •  Cosmetics

  •  Health Care Devices


Market study and analysis are very important steps to enter the markets. So SailOnGlobe segments target markets and sets the most effective marketing tactics.


SailOnGlobe builds its own branding strategy and provides design solution, and applies them to the products for our own trading business and customers.

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